A stand up pouch, or Doypack sachet.
Five reasons you should look into it and introduce it into your production.

Regardless of what your motivation is, ecology, economy, or customer retention, or maybe some other factors, Stand up pouch packaging, or Doypack sachet, is worth considering. This is ideally suited for refilling cosmetics and detergents.

Let us know what products you would like to pack in sachets, and we’ll be sure to advise you on the best solution!

Savings for the customer
At a time when inflation is hitting Poles’ pockets, the struggle to retain customers continues. No manufacturer can afford to lose steady customers. To this end, it is taking various measures. On the one hand, it reduces the volume of its products. On the other, it is eager to co-organize special promotions with large chain stores or in e-commerce. It is worth thinking about changing the packaging to a less expensive one, which will lower the price of the product overall. This is a win-win situation for both sides. The consumer pays less for our product and will not have to look for cheaper substitutes. The manufacturer will not lose a customer. It is a well-known fact that it is virtually impossible to lose a customer and regain their trust back once they have grown to like a competitor’s product.

Economy on production
An investment in a modern machine brings only benefits in the long run. Saving energy, during its operation in an era of rampant electricity prices, is a very good thing. The reliability of the packaging line means not only peace of mind and certainty of production continuity, but above all, no losses when the machine is not working. Also, cooperation with a Polish manufacturer is a guarantee of quick service or efficient adjustment of the packaging line to a different product than before. The pandemic or even the temporary blockade of the Suez Canal taught us a valuable lesson about shortening the supply chain to the European region. A closer distance is a guarantee of speed in responding to the unpredictable.

Another economic aspect is the ease of transportation. Doypack is very lightweight and easy to pack in a bulk container. The weight of an empty 1000 ml sachet with a stopper is only 20 grams, so in fact, when planning transportation, we can take the weight of the packed product into account. The flexibility of the Stand up pouch is an improvement in packing. The carton is fully filled and there is no proverbial carrying of air.

The savings from BDO and ROP regulations cannot be overlooked here. When every gram of plastic marketed means rising invoice amounts, it’s time to think about reducing them. If a litre PET bottle with cap weighs 45 grams and a sachet of the same capacity weighs about 20, there is no room to overlook these sizes.

Ecology on the customer’s side
Many consumer surveys indicate that customers are increasingly paying attention not only to the price and quality of a product in their purchasing choices, but also to its eco-friendly packaging.

What could be more ecological than durable packaging that retains all the standards of food and cosmetic packaging than Doypack type bags!

If we use monofilia, instead of the classic laminate for this, we can proudly inform on the product and announce in marketing communications that the empty packaging is fully recyclable.
We wrote about the advantages of monofoil here. 

Ecology on the manufacturer’s side
Reducing CO2 emissions during transportation and the aforementioned savings in electricity consumption are not only cost-cutting advantages, but also ecological considerations.
Introducing less and less plastic means knowing that everything possible is being done for the good of the planet!

No label
Giving up the label in favour of printing on the film from which the Doypack is formed is another important point in this list of Stand up pouch advantages.
If something isn’t there, we don’t get an invoice for it.
And according to waste handling recommendations – the best waste is the one that isn’t there.
The customer doesn’t have to wonder if the empty pouch, made of plastic, should be separated from the label, before being thrown into the yellow waste bin.
Avoiding an extra layer of plastic is helpful in sorting the waste at the recycling station.

Optical sorters respond to a single plastic, with no alerts for detecting an unidentified additive.

It is therefore regardless what motivates us, ecology or economics.
Whether we want to gain a new eco-friendly customer, or perhaps not lose one who is looking for cheaper products, it’s worth considering an investment in a new packaging line.
There are only winners here!